Warm cuddles

Good morning :)

I went to a party last night and it was pretty fun. It was themed, so I got to wear vaguely renaissance clothes and I ended up having to pin my skirt together since it was literally falling off me… And I got to see that girl again, and I really enjoy her company. She’s adorable and her wrists are so soft and idk. She’s cool 😊

We’re going to H Mart today to do purikura. I’m super stoked. She said she’s always wanted to do it, and I have wanted to do it again. I’m just really excited :D I hope the store is open today o.O

I made my twitter private. It’s kind of unfortunate, because people can’t discover me anymore, but I feel a lot safer. It’s pleasant.

It rained last night! It sounded so lovely and I slept so soundly. But then I started having nightmares. I have those a lot lately.


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