Getting Hotter and Hotter

I took this yesterday morning.


I am not anywhere near where I want to be.

But I’m getting closer. And I’m going to get there.

Ion: The Sarang Bitch just bit my septum really hard. Like blood hard. Idk wtf she thinks she’s doing sometimes. :/

Good night.

Maybe I’ll try running tomorrow < hahahahahahahahahahaha


Justice, like love, Should Be Blind

I opted not to share my opinion on Facebook. Other than to quote the bible verse immediately following the one they cited, and point out that clearly divorce is also forbidden.

Here’s the thing: I don’t really know where I stand. I’m still pretty sure that being gay is a sin, but that doesn’t stop me from kissing my girlfriend. And smoking is a sin. So is drinking. But those are both legal. So I think that maybe the issue of equality is much more important here. We don’t live in a religious state – at least we’re not meant to. We should provide equal rights to all our citizens.

I think that’s what I think.

Here’s a picture of the ladies Justice and Liberty getting sexy. Enjoy:


Besides. God loves us. For who we are. Stop hatin’ bros

But Ow!

I finally got the gauge in my left ear. But now it’s all swollen and painful and it hurts QQ

I’m being patient and washing it and hoping for the best.

Self Disrespect

Here’s the thing about, well about everything really.

It’s so much easier if there’s someone else to blame. Someone other than you.

It doesn’t make it hurt less. Not really. But feeling helpless lends so much more righteous heat to the pain. It becomes a deceptively purifying fire instead of impotent rage.

So, I don’t really blame anyone but myself.

And maybe that makes me better than the rest of you. Here’s hoping *cheers*