Life, Difficulty Setting: Dru

Because it’s not hard enough to be happy under even the most ideal circumstances, lets us go fuck about with those who are trying desperately to recover themselves.

Let’s lecture each other on how we’re doing this for the greater good of mankind and how we’re clearly unfit and undeserving for or of happiness. Or even just a reduction of misery. A lesser sentence.

Or, for real fun, lets neglect the people who counted on us and expect, YEARS LATER when we call in the dead of night and leave a voicemail on their mobile to be welcomed back with open arms. Despite saying we never loved them. Despite breaking their hearts.

That sounds like a great night out, doesn’t it?

Let’s us all be overbearing, nosy, rude, hypocritical, entitled BITCHES who think we know ANYTHING about this person that sleeps in our house and eat from our hands.

Lets do that. Because everyone else is doing it and it looks like fun.


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