Justice, like love, Should Be Blind

I opted not to share my opinion on Facebook. Other than to quote the bible verse immediately following the one they cited, and point out that clearly divorce is also forbidden.

Here’s the thing: I don’t really know where I stand. I’m still pretty sure that being gay is a sin, but that doesn’t stop me from kissing my girlfriend. And smoking is a sin. So is drinking. But those are both legal. So I think that maybe the issue of equality is much more important here. We don’t live in a religious state – at least we’re not meant to. We should provide equal rights to all our citizens.

I think that’s what I think.

Here’s a picture of the ladies Justice and Liberty getting sexy. Enjoy:


Besides. God loves us. For who we are. Stop hatin’ bros


One thought on “Justice, like love, Should Be Blind

  1. Marriage, historically, hasn’t even been so much about RELIGION as it is about being a contractual agreement between two parties. (In ancient times, selling a daughter to another family was peachy keen and a generally accepted practice)

    “But wedding ceremonies are in churches” – Well, I’m an ordained minister who has legally performed SEVERAL wedding ceremonies and not ONE of them has been in a church.

    The marriage license? Issued by the STATE.

    Religious words and phrases REQUIRED to be in a marriage ceremony? NOT ONE.

    According to The Bible, having a TATTOO is a sin. So is wearing clothing of mixed fibers.

    The bottom line, for me, is that marriages involve 2 people who are consenting to be involved in a relationship where they love one another. The gender of the people involved is, quite frankly, irrelevant. And, if we suppose that The Almighty is omnipotent, then The Almighty knew that gay relationships were going to happen and doesn’t instantaneously smite every person involved in one which implies (to me, at least) that said relationships are not wrong in the eyes of The Almighty.

    At the very least, this fairyblogmother thinks it’s just fine if you have a girlfriend and sortve looks forward to, one day, performing a wedding ceremony for you and whomever is lucky enough to be your chosen partner, regardless of their gender.

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