Getting Hotter and Hotter

I took this yesterday morning.


I am not anywhere near where I want to be.

But I’m getting closer. And I’m going to get there.

Ion: The Sarang Bitch just bit my septum really hard. Like blood hard. Idk wtf she thinks she’s doing sometimes. :/

Good night.

Maybe I’ll try running tomorrow < hahahahahahahahahahaha


3 thoughts on “Getting Hotter and Hotter

  1. Nice work on the abs Miss Saxton!
    Fitness is just a matter of dedication and time, I’m sure you’ll get there ^^

      • The shadows above your belly button look like your upper abs starting to become more defined ^^

        As far as I can tell the upper ones seem to come through first. Mine are kind of two upper lumps at present, then less pronounced lumps underneath (IE. you only feel the lower ones when gingerly prodding them :\)
        I’m defining “moar lumpiness” as my generic future goal, lol.

        Anyway, good work indeed, go you :)

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