Cranberry-berry-berry, Cranberry-erry-erry

Iiiiiiiiiiiii have a UTI. 😞 What else is new, right?

So I took 3 Azo’s and I drank a fucking two-litre of cranberry juice and, except for a super sloshy tummy, I already feel a little better.

Idk why I am so prone to UT infections and freaking stuff. It’s like if I don’t drink and ungodly amount of water, my whole system collapses. Boo.

So yeah. Drank dat juice. Drank dat watter.



Bread Face

I want to bread face my cats. But I can’t. Because I ate all the bread. I made this enormous sandwich that was like three pieces of bread and peanut butter and fluff. I sent a picture to resident peanut butter and _________ enthusiast, BJ, and he said “So much fluff”


Srsly. So much fluff. <3

It was delicious. But now I can't stick bread on Phrennie and Sarang's faces.

Oh life. Why do you try me so roughly.

Before and After – an encouragement post to myself

So. I found some pictures of me from around this time last year. Here is one:


This really, really encouraged me. Because I look like this now:


Ooh, me so sexy.

This summer I’m actually working on my body. For reals. It’s happening. And maybe I’ll look good enough that I can get my piercing for my birthday. That would be so hawt.

If my nose would just stop bleeding for two seconds :/

Is it warm again yet?

And they say Texas doesn’t have seasons.

We totally do. They just look different than other people’s.

In the spring, instead of consistently warm days and cool nights, we get cold and warm fronts. And that’s fine.

I’m just ready for it to be warm and sunny again. You think this tan is gonna appear magically by itself with no help from UV?

Also, fuck nightmares. A lot.