It’s bed time!

I want so badly to write in my journal, but I’m going to put it off until tomorrow because I’m so sleepy.

I miss you guys. I haven’t blogged properly in so long. I have a secret blog and an SST and a journal and a private this and a secret that and… I miss just over-sharing with y’all. So I guess I’ll just go back to that.

I miss your comments, too. Please say hi :)


I don’t know the verb ‘to write’ in Spanish but I bet it starts with an e.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the ever-lovely Kay to discuss scheduling and pricing. Because she is my new Spanish tutor. I’ve spent way too much of my life thinking that I could learn Spanish whenever haha. It’s now whenever. Plus, once I’m fluent enough to take orders, I’m gonna ask for a raise :)

But yeah. So soon I will be a real live student of the Spanish.

Then all I have to do is start working on my fiction again and I’ll be in good shape.