1) Send a Message in a Bottle

Way, way back in the day when I lived in England and Lu and I had just barely started the bucket list thing, we made a little note and stuck it in a bottle and launched it from Eastbourne beach.

I never heard back from anyone, and honestly the bottle probably filled up with water and sunk, but it was really fun :)

Now I think the way we launch messages in bottles is a little more electronic. Like, we’ll post things on the web then wait for someone to find us and tell us how much they agree or disagree or just that they saw us. It’s exhilarating.



I have finally updated my bucket list. All the things are things I wanna do!

You can check out my list here or at any time from the link in the tool bar at the top of the page. Starting tomorrow, look forward to posts about all the tasks that have been completed :)


When I have…

Money, I’ll pay my debt and get my car going :)

A car, I’ll feel less awkward about doing so many things!

Can do all the things I want, I’ll make my friends come with me and we will adventure and travel.

Have no more debt, I can start saving for BIG things.

Have my life in order, I can get my degree.

Get my degree, I will finally feel like I’ve accomplished something.

When I move out of this apartment, I will be leaving the past behind. All of it.

I moved to the asteroid in a panic.

I moved to the new flat in a panic.

This time, I’m not panicking.

This time, it’s a choice.

A list of foods that I, your roommate, will never steal:

Your creamy peanut butter – unless I’m out of crunchy and anything more delicious

Anything alcoholic – unless I’m depressed and it’s easily replaceable

Your meat – unless meat is a euphemism for dick

The last of anything – unless I’m really super pissed at you and you have pizza.

I’m probably gonna steal everything else. But you can use my food too! And if I use it, I’ll replace it :)


My apartment complex.

They called me yesterday morning to ask me to move out two weeks early. So this time next week I’ll be in a two bedroom apartment with chocolate carpet and child locks on all the cabinets. And let me level with you: I’m worried.

There are families all around us. I’m super afraid that we’re gonna get noise complaints from ALL the people :(

Both the bedrooms are smaller than my current bedroom. I guess our bldg used to be 2/2s instead of the 2/1s. It’s nice though. I just definitely need to get rid of more stuff. No more hoarding! Hahaha yeah right :/

This arrangement may have been a little rash. But I can’t afford myself and we will hopefully still like each other in a year. Hopefully.

Hopefully :s