When I have…

Money, I’ll pay my debt and get my car going :)

A car, I’ll feel less awkward about doing so many things!

Can do all the things I want, I’ll make my friends come with me and we will adventure and travel.

Have no more debt, I can start saving for BIG things.

Have my life in order, I can get my degree.

Get my degree, I will finally feel like I’ve accomplished something.

When I move out of this apartment, I will be leaving the past behind. All of it.

I moved to the asteroid in a panic.

I moved to the new flat in a panic.

This time, I’m not panicking.

This time, it’s a choice.


5 thoughts on “When I have…

      • Y’know, I’d heard of tongue studs, but not rings. If this was Twitter, I would totally hashtag this #EducationalBlog :D

        I can…er…lick ice cream. That’s my seductive man skill :\

        • Hey, lick it right and it’s totally seductive.

          Also, my “ring” is a stud. Barbell, technically. But we mainly just call them tongue rings here

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