Two Questions

There are two questions in this world to which the answer is always, and irrevocably yes:

1. Pizza?

2. Tea?

Lately, I’ve been drinking quite a bit of this organic green tea that is grown or packaged or something in Austin – iced of course, because it’s like 85°C outside and I’m not stupid.


Contact info! I recommend you buy some.

I dunno if I ever blogged about it, but I bought myself a really fancy tea set post-fire. And some really fancy loose leaf tea from Teavana to go with it. I never realized that tea could have such a fullness of flavor before that. I bought my PG Tips and put two sugars and milk in and away I went.

Then I learned that tea could have dimensions, delicate and vibrate undertones that compliment the flavor and get totally obliterated by cream.


And I learned that you can brew more than one cup of tea from a tea bag

I started drinking fruit teas, and green tea with other things in, and fancy leaves that have bits of flowers and stems all wrapped up in pretty silk bags.

Tea is maybe the most universally Terran drink I can think of. I imagine elsewhere in the universe they have milk, and water, and probably sugary, fizzy drinks. But earthen tea… it’s so us. You could take a dairy cow to another planet. But if you grow our tea in any other soil, it won’t taste the same. That’s beautiful to me.

And then, pizza. Cuz I cannot think of a situation to which the correct and desirable answer is not pizza.


They unfurl when they're done, like little happy flags

( I imagine some of this is sayable about coffee as well, but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t like the stuff. The problem that I’ve found with all the variations of coffee that I’ve tried, is that they all taste like coffee. )


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