Fun things about being ill:

bonus: u look like this

bonus: u look like this


  • Easy things become adventures. Eg: I just went on an odyssey to my bathroom from my bed. It is literally 8 steps away.
  • Sippin on some sizzurp its emeffing cherry
  • Fever dreams eg: double wedding with my 1st love, and cousin and pokemon
  • People are nice eg: my roomie made me soup
  • sudden ability to sleep for 10+ hours no prob
  • idk i could spread my disease and destroy an hostile alien race i guess
  • i really didnt like that book x-x



¡mamá, esto es brujería!

ughhhhhhhhh. I’m ill. I guess. I dunno. I woke up yesterday all like “Ack, where hast mine voice absconded to???” and then I did literally nothing but read [ extremely nsfw ] freaking torture porn fic all day in bed. Today I woke up and my voice was just gone, I had a pretty exciting cough, and I felt really fatigued. Nbd. Probs just cuz I stayed up until 10.30 PM reading. Ugh. So late.

Yeah, no.

I got home from work at like 11.30a, went to sleep at like 12.30p. Slept until like 5.30p.

Guess how I feel?


I made myself some spaghetti bolognese – probably the most draining spagbog I’ve EVER made – then I made myself some more mint tea w/ honey ( it’s magic. It makes your throat better because of magic. Iwannabeahedgewitchlemmealone ) and now I’m conked on the couch feeling like I’m definitely going to die. I’m even in my suicide PJ bottoms ( so called because they’re the PJ bottoms I was wearing when I tried to commit suicide. ) I mean, seriously. I feel awful. Achey all over, and totally out of it.

At least I don’t work super late tomorrow. I have some hashtags for when I’m feeling shit but refuse to give in:

#cantstop #wontstop #literallyincapableofstopping

Also, Sarang is cuddling with me, so that makes everything a bit better.


Darmok and Jalad, at Tanagra. Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel.

Darmok and Jalad, at Tanagra. Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel.

I showed my roommate my favourite episode of Star Trek: TNG today. I love love love the way the Tamarian language works. It is a language based entirely on metaphor drawing from their myths and stories. It’s also just a really quality episode that has a lot to say on the importance of communication and the responsibility of those with even a small amount of power to do their best to communicate with the people they meet.

Whenever I watch this episode, I always start thinking about how English might sound in metaphor – I think our generation would have a lot of Harry Potter situations. Also, I think a forbidden but widely suspected love might be “Spock and Kirk, on the Enterprise” :p

Specific to my life we have:

  • Phrennie, her claws on the door – When you really, really have to pee
  • Sarang, at the bathroom sink – When you’re thirsty!
  • Dru at the pizzeria, her hands blurred – Doing stuff really fast!
  • Or something. Idk. I’ve been drinking.

    The point is, I love this episode. It’s on Netflix. Season 5, episode 2. WATCH IT.

    Love you,



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