Veganism: The one week experiment


Some backstory: shortly after I got back from the hospital after that whole attempted suicide thing, I took a challenge with my then-friend Bryson to be vegan for one week. We failed on day three because it was Valentine’s and we both felt like single shit and we ate some cheesecake. Because cheesecake.

Well, I owe it to myself to complete things. This is supposed to be the year that I finish projects, remember? SO I DID IT. I did one full week of veganism. Even the drinks I drinked [sic] were vegan. Great right?

I discovered some delicious new foods – like tempeh – and I felt great. This past sunday was the first day I could have dairy again and I’ve been sorta indiscriminate since then and suffered for it. I think I’m going to attempt to live in a reduced animal product world I feel so much better when I eat delicious raw fruits and vegges instead of cookies. I suppose that’s common sense, but shhh.

BJ and I made a stir fry with the tempeh. I might do the recipe? If we cook it again. I’ll want to share the pictures too I suppose.


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