I know the films for Marvel Studios’ next Phase have probably already been planned, but let’s pretend they haven’t.

I propose that the Post-Thanos villain be Galactus.

Taken from this random site I googled:

Galactus is the famed “Devourer of Worlds” in the Marvel Universe. Her powers are nearly omnipotent. She has appointed a number of entities as her Heralds, imbuing them with the Power Cosmic. She uses energy from the core of planets and universal sources to sustain herself. Only a select few beings have defeated her such as Phoenix Force, and Squirrel Girl.

I made have made some adjustments to the entry about her – I added the Squirrel Girl part, for example – but Galactus is clearly a badass villain who could bring all sorts of teams together against her. Plus, we’ll need some super big crazy bads to come after Thanos.

The films for Phase IV should be as follows:

Captain Marvel – Starring Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers, this movie will build off the introduction of the Kree in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy film. Bad guy: Yon-Rogg, Commander in the Kree army, she totes hates Mar-Vell and Carol because humans are weak and Mar-Vell likes humans.

Black Widow – Natasha and Bucky do Red Room destruction stuff. Buck ends up coming back with her to the Avengers. Bad guy: Yelena Belova, played by Billie Piper. Yelena wants to continue the brain washing and stuff. Boo.

Hawkeye – This movie is about Kate Bishop, but Hawkguy is in it too, I guess. Ashley Greene could do this character wonders. I think. Bad guy: Madame Masque. SHE IS SO COOL. She framed the Hawkguy for some crazy shit, and cuz he’s a little bitch he ran away and hid. Kate picks up the mantle and the arrows and she’s hella and then Clint retires.

Hulk 2 – This movie seems like it’s about the Hulk, but he dies in it via a bullet that goes through his heart or something and into his cousin, attorney Jennifer Walters. She pulls a Kate when she pulls a Bruce, by just calling herself Hulk. Bad guy: I actually don’t know. And it’ll suck seeing Bruce die cuz I love Ruffalo. But it’s necessary.

Avengers 4 / GotG 3 – The Phase ending film is actually two films that covers the two sides of the battle. The space side and the Earth side. Stuff happens. It’s awesome. There are explosions and Carol ends up doing some Binary things in space, and Jen reluctantly leads the Avengers on Earth and it’s amazing and I love it.

That’s what I want. I also really, really want to see Lady Loki. Well…not Lady Loki exactly. The Loki that just happens to also be female as seen in Agent of Asgard. So. Let’s get on all that. I’m sick of boys. Boys boys boys boys boys. Everywhere boys. I want more girls.


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