Gods. I love that pun thing so much.

You know a useful thing we don’t have in america that we did in england? Units.

drunk sarang

I mean, it’s a sleepy cat, but I basically look like this when I’m drunk

UNITS of ALCOHOL. It’s almost like in my country we care more about drinking responsibly and that we accept alcohol as a natural part of culture not to be feared. Weird right? Fucking america being so puritanical. Ugh.

But yeah. When you say “i’ve had like 2.5 glasses of wine in the past 23 minutes.” people think “ugh you’re such a lightweight. that’s only like one more than one”

in english tho you can say “I’ve had like 4.5 units in the past 20m” and that actually sounds like something. And that’s where I am. Which is probably why my shoulders ache lol. My shoulders always ache when I’m wine drunk. But i wont whine, drunk. Because that’s not who I am.



2 thoughts on “DRUUUUUUUUUUUU— nk

    • Holy fucking shit. That’s very impressive. I just love how they equalise drinks – you know? There’s a difference between three shots and three ciders, but here they’re all “three drinks” Blargh.

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