fuck, man.

I had so hoped that I’d be writing a victory post about how I bought a kickin Ford Focus today. But I’m not writing that post. I’m still without a car because there was a problem with the engine mount but the guy selling the car still wanted over the blue book value which is just silly if you ask me. 

I was so ready to have a car. So. Ready. But instead I spent the last hour looking at different Craig’s List ads and generally feeling miserable about how close I was to a car. Maybe the guy will change his mind and decide that 3600 is too much for a car that needs engine and brake work, and he’ll text me and be like “yah plz buy it??” And I’ll be happy.

Until then, I’m still stuck in Denton on a bike in the cold. Completely separated from everything I want. Ugh. 


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