I talked about this post


Uh. Yah. I tweeted about this earlier. Every song represents a relationship. Except the last one which is just a song that I’ve had sex with at least a dozen different people to. Literally. At least 12 people have fucked me while this song plays. Yah.

ENJOY: https://play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXyl-VOOsfKZ5V0tgWFVZWRhn6qzh5lJE638wLApG3N6VknS07q6pAVIViRfCUMjgiV2Zv_uSejE6ZA4gSGA25Mi-1rnzag==

It’s pretty exciting. I feel like everyone will be able to identify the song that they belong to. It’s great.

I’m drunk. I should stop drunk blogging but idk that i ever will.

Ther’s a cat in my lap.

Oh but now she left. QQ

Enjoy the playlist or whateve ri luv u


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