Lisbeth Salamander – the coolest car you know 

I bought a car.  

She sort of glows right?


I’ve been kinda very excited about the whole situation. As you probably remember, I haven’t had a working car for more than two years. And even that car – Ivysaur – was totally illegal and barely worked. 

For the past month I’ve been searching hardcore for a car. I contacted some people, did a test drive that was super disappointing, and had nearly given up hope when a 2am Craig’s List search pulled up a $2800 gold Ford Focus in Arlington. 

One of my friends was sweet enough to drive me down to look at her, and the dealer cut me a deal so I paid $2670 after tax and title. And now I have a car!

Her passenger windshield wiper doesn’t work, and her fluids probably need to be changed, but she’s a beauty. I love her and she’s comfy af and I have driven her almost two-hundred miles since Friday. 

Yesterday I took my road test, which I totally passed, so now I’m a real and legal driver. After Easter I’m going to visit my aunt in Austin – it’ll be my first self-powered road trip. I’m so excited. It’s like… The ocean is the limit for me. I can drive anywhere I want now. Because I have a car. 

It’s driver seat selfies from here on out


I made it. I finally did the thing. 


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