Day eight! Wooh! What have we learned so far? Dru sucks at blogging when she also has other obligations :D

Day 8 is “A picture that makes you laugh”

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to use. Then, conveniently, I stumbled across the scene below:


Basically, little grey car sat at the intersection a little overlong, then red truck honked, then grey car sat out of spite a bit longer, then the truck laid on the horn for literally at least a full minute, accelerating forward until it was about a foot behind the car, at which point the really skinny little girl who was driving threw the truck in park and launched herself out of the driver seat to tell the car’s driver that she would “fucking break off that pretty manicured little finger”

I was just like “Lolwhut?” before running away across the street. I was a little afraid I would get A) Murdered via Vehicular Manslaughter or B) Subpoenaed as a witness to assault with a big red truck :/

But it was hilarious. I don’t really know why. I guess the absurdity of the truck’s aggression just caught me off guard :p


Oh dear :( I didn’t blog for two days. That really, really sucks. But, I got and started a new job so that’s excusable, right? I think it’s excusable.

Any way! I will make up for all of my missed days by producing WAY TOO MUCH CONTENT today :D

Notice how it’s jailbroken? I love my phone <3

First things first: Thursday's Post!

I must share with you a picture of my most treasured item.


Part of the reason this blog was forever-delayed: I don't really know what my most treasured item is. It used to be Piggy, but then she disappeared and stuff. So… I don't know that my phone is my most treasured possession – and now I'm thinking my bike should be :/ – but it's the thing I rely on the most and use the most.

I think.

Meh. I dunno. Possession is flawed and I wish I didn't like owning things as much as I do. But I do. Materialistic Dru is materialistic.


Good Morning

I woke up this morning being pushed off the bed by Sarang. So I got up and went to the bathroom and did some other morning type things.

I came back to this:


Notice how she takes up MY ENTIRE SIDE of the bed?

Brat cat.

Who Do You Envy?

Today I am supposed to share with you: A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day.

Thing is, I don’t really want to be someone else. I guess, if I had the opportunity, I’d like to be some wildly wealthy person for a day and like allocate my actual self a generous and life long allowance or something, but on the whole I’m pretty okay just being Dru.

It’s not always that way, but it most certainly is right now, and that makes me really happy.

So, instead, I have included a picture of me being exactly who I want to be.


RE: The title: I think this question is actually who you envy and why. I don’t really envy any people right now. Just things or qualities they have.