I’ve had this blog for nearly a decade.



A Prayer

You are, of course, too much
I am easily tired and slow

Where you run on for days without rest:
The God of ultra-marathons and Bolt
Who still jogs beside me on my 12-minute mile

Where you work without end:
The Messenger for Gods without rest or relent
Who pulls me to my feet on 14 hour shifts

Where you laugh without reserve:
The Prankster who steals their best friend’s cows
Who reminds me that may it harm none we all need to have fun

Where you lead:
The Guide today until death
Who rides beside me on long sleepy nights

Enagonius, Poneomenos, Mechaniotes, Diaktoros

Transcendent and eternal
You called to me and I fall at your feet
I thank you, Lord Hermes, for your blessings and your indulgence as I find my way on your path

Drunk Advice From A God

the days are pouring nectar down my throat so thick and sweet that it makes my teeth brittle in exhalation to life

and he tastes like spiced wine, in-toxicating and scalding as he elevates me the way a lift carries you as high as you ask it as high as it’s able

He laughs: Burn Your Feet flying through inexorable hours you once spent languishing in despondence

Reach out with both your hands for Death and screech your joy when She recoils, smiling

Very Nearly Three AM

There’s something special about three in the morning.

Especially when it’s presented by an ambitiously enjoyed bottle of delicious pink moscato¬†from your once-estranged parents.

It’s a dangerous and manic time that presents so many possibilities that always come across as precisely as constructive as a burst of energy on an aeroplane.

This time is different, though. You wanna know why? Because this one time I choose to do something with that energy. Just This Once.

This is not the First Night of the Rest Of My Life. In fact, I think the only way to reach the Rest Of My Life is to make productive choices as difficult and wholly one-off occasions, without any commitment to changing myself for the better every time in the future. I’m not a Rest Of My Life kind of woman, I think.

I’m a Just This Once, type.

I think that’s a better fit.

I see u

one of u is reading a shittonne of my posts and I see u. 2 visitors, 51 views?

Hello, friend. I hope you’re having fun <3