The List

If you have ideas for things I should do before I die, please leave them in a comment below.

in progress

1. Send a Message in a Bottle

2. Ride a Mechanical Bull for 8 Seconds

3. Make a Senbazuru

4. Get a Date in Drag

6. Jump Off a Pier Into the Ocean

7. Eat These Foods:

– Habanero Pepper
– Pizza in Italy
– Escargot
– Flaming Dessert

8. Learn To Play An Instrument

9. Be a Gamer:

Play a Game to the End
Get One Million Gamer Points
– Play for 24 Hours Straight

10. Start a Food Fight in Public

11. Break a World Record

12. Make an Art and Hang it on the Wall

13. Learn to Whistle Through Your Fingers

14. Run Out on a Meal

15. Watch the Sun Rise:

– Over the Grand Canyon
– Over Moscow
– On New Year’s Day, In Japan

16. Tie a Knot in a Cherry Stem

17. Act In A Play

18. Win Something from a Radio Show or YouTube

19. Make a Bleach T-Shirt

20. Eat a Waffle on a Street Called Waffle

21. Make a:

– T-Shirt Quilt
– Knit Cat Sweater
– Kandi Dress
– Skirt of Ties

22. Learn Esperanto

23. Learn a Card Trick

24. Grow And Drink Your Own Tea

25. Kiss The Alphabet

26. Urban Exploration

27. Take Part in a Flash Mob

28. Solve a Rubik’s Cube

29. Climb to the Top of a Mountain

30. Make a Viral Video ( More than 50,000 Views )

31. Host a Party

32. Visit Every Continent

North America
– South America
– Asia
– Australia
– Antarctica

33. Make a Chocolate Souflet

34. Find and Leave a Geocache Treasure

35. Get Married

36. Start Your Own Blog

37. Write Lyrics for a Song Parody

38. Bicycle around the World

39. Get a Degree

40. Take Care Of An Animal

41. Do Norebang

42. PIE!

– Throw a Cream Pie in Someone’s Face
– Get a Cream Pie Thrown in Your Face

43. Do Something Charitable

44. Collect 100 or More of Something

– Monster Tabs

45. Complete a Dungeon & Dragon’s Campaign

46. Go Sky Diving

47. Buy a Pair of Converse

48. Watch These Films:

– Back to the Future
– Pulp Fiction
– The Breakfast Club

49. Read These Books in a Different Language

– The Little Prince ( Chinese )
– Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone ( French )

50. Attend a Film Premier

51. Go on a Shopping Spree Without a Budget

52. Swim With:

– Dolphins
– Sharks
– Sea Turtles

53. Join a Roller-Derby Team

54. Learn to Ride a Motorcycle

55. Participate in an Orgy

56. Cross a Rope Bridge ( Preferably in South or Central America )

57. Mile High Club

58. Visit All 50 States

59. Hike the Appalachian Trail

60. Go a Month Without Electricity

61. See the Wonders of the World

62. Visit 42 Hard Rock Cafes

63. Cook an Entire Cook Book

64. Buy A Car

65. Learn to Juggle

66. Have a Snowball Fight

67. Build a Proper Sand Castle

68. Take Part in a TV Show

69. Make a Scene in a Public Place

70. Spend A Year In A Foreign Country

71. Use an Eastern Style Toilet

72. See You Music Idol Perform Live

Snow Patrol

73. Bang the World

74. Learn Morse Code

75. Roast Marshmallows Over an Active Volcano

76. Learn To Speak Another Language

– Chinese
– Korean
– French
– Spanish

77. Go White Water Rafting

78. Make Over $1000 From a Small Business

79. Build an Igloo

80. Be a Trending Topic on Twitter

81. Research Your Family Tree

82. Go Spelunking

83. Shave Your Head

84. Lobby Your Local Congressman

85. Write a Book and Get it Published

86. Sing in Front of An Audience

87. Use 10,000 Text Messages in One Month

88. Win NaNoWriMo

89. Write in a Journal Every Day for a Year

90. Go On A Road Trip Of More Than 5,000 Miles

91. Go to a Drive-In Movie

92. Throw a Dart at a Map and Travel Where it Goes

93. Play Blackjack in Vegas

94. Make a Lightning Glass Pendant

95. Bungee Jump from a Bridge

96. Buy a House

97. Drive to Canada to Buy a Bag of Milk

98. Get a Pilot’s License

99. Be a Vegetarian For A Year

100. Fuck Someone Famous

101. Leave The Earth


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